Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There is a weird amount of retail space going up.

I am not much of a mall girl. I have better things to do with my time. But I am usually forced into one a few times a year. It doesn't bother me too much, because it gives me a chance to see how the malls are doing. I mean, we'd all gotten accustomed to those sales signs in front of every door, right? I thought it was just going to be that way forever.

Now lets step back to Christmas of last year. I'd gotten on a big dark chocolate See's candy thing. (I know, I eat a lot of crap.) So, I'd made three trips over to the mall during the Christmas holiday. But what struck me was.....not one store had a sale sign in front of it. For the whole three weeks.

It was the first time in years I'd seen the mall return to normal. Previously our snooty mall would have never put up sale signs. In the long, long ago.

Snap back to today, the signs are back, and the discounts seem steeper. They all say annual sale. So I'll have to go back in a month to see if the signs are still there. But with Best Buy and Fry's looking horrible - it seems to fit the theme. These are the largest types of retailers around. If they are struggling so hard, why is so much retail going up? I mean, a lot of it. Everywhere.

It's so bipolar that on the weekends you think the economy is improving. But when the retail numbers come in, you know it isn't.

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