Friday, July 27, 2012

My obligatory Facebook post.

Sometimes when a company has problems and it's obvious they don't know how to fix it, I marvel a bit. Especially when it's so blaringly obvious.

Most of the time honestly I wonder if they even use their own products. And if they do, how easy do they find using their products to be?

I want to start out by saying I don't use Facebook. For the longest time people would act as if I was strange for not having an account. My standard reply was always - Facebook is so 2008. I'm skipping this fad so I can be first in line for the new one, I would reply.

This is Facebooks problem:

Facebook used to be free, and it felt like your little piece of space on the web. The more Facebook tries to monetise your space, the more obvious it becomes to you that you don't own that space. It feels more like you are a guest at a hotel and the maids come in and rearranging the furniture. Every day.

It's also blaring obvious Zuckerberg didn't realize how much he'd miscalculated the market. Because the moment the IPO failed he started rolling out new features every single day. Deleting some the very same day.

I can't say this clearly enough. People hate that shit! They don't want to go on a hunting trip every time they log into their accounts. Also making it feel like it's not their space. It's yours. And While technically it is - it might not be longer if you don't get your shit together and understand what people really want from products after the hype is over.

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