Tuesday, July 03, 2012

With all those new healthcare rules - you'd expect them to be hiring.

These days you get information about the economy in unexpected places. For instance - we have food delivered to the house from time to time. It's usually the same guy - who is also somewhat of a distant neighbor. He's just far away enough that we kinda know him.

I live in a little enclave of nurses. Two of my direct neighbors are nurses. Which pisses me off honestly because they are all President Money Bags supporters.


Predictably this guy went to school and graduated to be a nurse a year and a half ago and has been a delivery guy every since. We hadn't actually seen him in a while, and when he showed up with our food last night we were surprised. The last time we talked to him he was excited about a job interview he'd gone on. He had high hopes because both his mother and grandmother had worked for the hospital he was interviewing for. When we didn't see him for a while, we thought he'd finally gotten a job. He hadn't.

After he left last night I turned to Mr S. and said - you know the job market is shitty when you have two generations of nepotism behind you and you still can't get in.

And it isn't even like he has a crappy liberal arts degree. It's a meaningful degree!

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