Monday, July 23, 2012

Protest fatigue.

Today I went up to Oakland because I heard I heard there was going to be a marijuana protest at the same time President Money Bags was going to be there. And I thought that would be funny. The feds are trying to seize the properties the clubs use. Which is a shame. Most of these places are good tenants. They take good care of the properties. You'd almost not even know they were there. They are safe and not skeeby.

Hell, I do know where some of them are, and I have a hard time spotting them.

At any rate, the pot protest pretty much kept away from the PMB event. Even though they were two blocks from each other. And it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Look how far they blocked this event off. That red sign in the distance is the Fox theater. I'm pretty sure they worked the math and said... yeah - people would need at least a 300mm lens to get this. And most people don't have that range. Set up the barricades here!

I love Oakland for it's quirkiness. Right at one of the barricades was this guy with an easel painting the Fox theater scape.

There were a few fuck the cops signs. But other than that - the place was a non event, event.

The arctic polar bear was there. But that stupid bear will go to anything.


  1. Great pictures. Zombie better watch out if you start doing shots of protests instead of empty best buy shelves.
    Two additional points... I chaperoned/drove a group of teen-aged pipe organists from eastern Washington around Seattle this week. On Wednesday, trying to get out of town near the end of rush hour (from Seattle to Tacoma), Preezy MB had traffic so backed up it took about three times as long as it should.
    And there was a Best Buy (or circuit city or computerUSA or whatever) north of Seattle that's been closed for a year. It's now a Whole Foods store. Parking lot looked packed as I drove by.

  2. Thanks. It's nice to see that Whole Foods is taking up some of this real estate. Those old stores are huge spaces that not that many types of businesses can fill. At least Whole Foods seems to be doing well.

    Always nice to get data points from other states. Sorry you had to sit through that crappy traffic though. It's one of the things PMB does well. Inconvenience drivers.