Monday, July 30, 2012

I bet you thought you weren't getting a post today.

I am behind on everything. But, I wanted to get these pictures of this weekends California Extreme convention. It was pretty fun to go to ~once~ and see all these games you've never seen before. The only thing that sucks is - all the good games are always taken. I do love to play me some pinball though. If you are cool with old school, you'd probably be fine. Anything with bumpers you will never get on.

This one I was totally fascinated with. It was about the size of a Volkswagen. But the hologrammyness (yes, that's a word) was funny.

This one you had to pump to activate the rail car in the game. Which sucked YO! I mean, I didn't try it - but people didn't stay long.

Who am I to judge?


  1. Uncle Fester! You got parole!


  2. Hahahahah!

    Mr S. got that one. I was like - do you think I need to blur his face?

    Mr S. said.... he posed. He also told him his wife won't let him wear it when they go to visit the sister in laws house. Which I think makes the story even funnier.

  3. My favorite game was the cross between bowling and billiards. Such a simple idea, but a great one. It's too bad the game is so big, otherwise I'd be on the hunt for one. It did seem crowded pretty much non-stop. The whole atmosphere reminded me a bit of Vegas minus the booze. Some people were really addicted to certain games. I definitely needed a lot of sleep when it wrapped up. Lots of interesting characters were there for sure. The longer the show went on, the funkier it seemed to smell.

  4. Hahahah. Ya think? I thought I saw you on Sat as I was getting my tickets. I almost called out to you, but figured I would just see you inside.