Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little something for everyone, I guess.

When I went to download this set of pictures I laughed a little. I'd forgotten I was just in Los Gatos and had gotten an Audi R8 and a Lotus and never posted them. It seems shameful to say, but I'm bored of those cars. I'm even bored of Aston's.

I've also attempted three or four other shows this month, and didn't even make them. No old cars either. I thought I was becoming despondent, but maybe I was just bored. So, when I heard about this show yesterday, I was a little excited. I hadn't seen Asian underground in a while.

We get there and its a huge effin show. Huge. They Had a DJ belting out Rhianna songs. I thought it was a pretty fun show. Until I got home and downloaded my shots. Suddenly I was like... what the eff?! None of these cars are that interesting. Which really is what I do every time I take photos. But even after an hour I felt the same way.

So, I guess what you are getting is a lot of booth babes. I figured half my readers must be guys, so...

Chalkboard paint.

I was taking shots of these low rider scooters when a mass of booth babes showed up. I think they were hawking energy drinks. But I'd never seen the bikes before.

This girl.. wow. I don't normally talk about the way chicks look - but she was screaming daddy issues.

I liked that the gas lid looked like a bear can. Which sounds trashy in text. But I don't care.

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