Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't spook the sheep.

Wall street today really made me laugh. This is why I can feel so good on the weekends and so terrified during the week - I said to myself.

The irresponsible part of me says - hey, the world looks great. Nothing out of place. People are happy. Come Monday, my responsible side says - what the hell was I thinking? I'm scared shitless.

Because, most people have mostly tuned out Wall Street and only watch for the occasional alarming fall. But if you just keep it in a range, the plebes never even look up to see the shit that is going to hit them.

The entire world is contracting. President Money Bags surely doesn't want to do another stimulus at this juncture. It would ignite a firestorm and show he's been a failure. But it seems to me that the world doesn't give a shit about that. Doing so at a faster pace.

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