Thursday, June 28, 2012

My goal is to make it so you can never predict what you will read here.

I don't normally talk about my personal friendships on the blog much, but I thought this moment was really funny. So, I'm sharing it.

Last night my friend made it through the Vegas rounds on Americas Got Talent.

When I first saw him on the show I thought about sending him an email, but it's been years since I've talked to him. And I didn't want to seem fame-whorish. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever met me knows I'm the opposite of fame-whore. People change though. He doesn't know. Plus, he is probably in a quiet period contractually with the show. Since he hasn't been voted off yet. I decided I wasn't going to email him unless he lost. Because if he won, that would be super fame-whorish.

So when he made it through last night I felt unexpectedly dorky about the whole thing. I was just really happy for him. And I've just never known anyone on TV. Even Mr S. said that even though he'd only met him a couple of times - the whole thing made him really tickled too.

Finally right before bed I decided just to send a little "it made me smile to see you, I hope you win" email.

We went to bed, and I started having all this anxiety. Maybe he doesn't remember me. Or maybe I'm that girl from his past he didn't want to run into. But mostly about the maybe he doesn't remember me thing. Then I thought, wait a second - he's the only guy on the planet who has taken naked pictures of me. Sure maybe he has some stale friend pictures up on his site, but he can't have taken naked pictures of all of his friends. I mean, he does take a lot of naked photos. But that must be a subset of people who stand out. Right?

I recount all of this internal dialog to Mr S. who basically laughs.

This is just occurring to you now? Even I know that!

Me - Well, we didn't sleep together and it was an art type thing. (And no folks that is not in quotey fingers.) So I didn't really think about it that way. Now that you mention it though, it is kinda awkward to talk about a guy who've I've never slept with, but has totally seen me naked with my husband.

Oh, and to the best of my knowledge - there are NO naked photos of me on the internet.


  1. Fame whore, naked photos and Americas got talent all in one post, I have a funny feeling that you're going to disappoint an awful lot of future Google searchers with this post.

  2. Story of my life. ;)

    If you saw some of the search criteria that makes people land on this blog. Sometimes I think - what the hell did I write that caused that creepy search combination to wind up here.

    So, the internet tells me you are all deviants.