Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This guy gets a hundred and fifty six grand a year to hand out puppies.

To Beat Panhandling, SF Tries Puppies.

"To beat homelessness and its accompanying social ills, San Francisco city officials have a cunning plan.

Release the hounds!

Dogs will be issued to single-room occupancy hotel residents who can prove that they're capable of providing care, according to the San Francisco Chronicle -- and with the dogs, a $50 to $75 weekly stipend to cover dog food and other canine necessities, the newspaper reported.

The idea is aptly named WOOF -- Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos, according to Bevan Dufty, who is serving as Mayor Ed Lee's homeless czar.

Starting Aug. 1, dogs from local shelters will be available to formerly homeless people living in city-funded SROS or other housing, the newspaper reported. In order to receive a dog, and the cash, the would-be owner must "not [be] severely mentally ill," not be a hoarder, not have a history of violence, and be "seeking treatment if they have addictions," the newspaper reported.

They must also swear not to panhandle. "If they're caught begging with the puppy, the animal will be taken back to the shelter," the newspaper reported."

When I first read this story, I was sure a 20 year old girl concocted this ridiculous idea. But no. It was a grown man. It gets better. On top of the three hundred dollars a month they get from you Dear Taxpayer, (oh yeah, 75 bucks a week doesn't seem so bad until you realize there are four weeks in a month) they also get several training sessions and all the dog food, toys, leashes, and vet visits they need. Here.

If I couldn't put a finer point on this whole idea - that is 3,600 grand a year on top of all the other social services they get. And probably top of the line vet care. This is San Fransisco after all.

Note the Chronicle story states the stipend will be to cover the care costs of the animals. SFweekly above, says it is in addition to. Judging from what I have read about this guy for two minutes - I'm guessing SFweekly has the correct information.


  1. Too funny, this is the same city that tried to make selling pets illegal. The truth of the matter is that it won't be puppies they are caring for, it will be dogs. There are a shortage of puppies in the bay area, but a glut of dogs. I think I'd flunk on the hoarder test alone, so looks like this government program isn't going to work for me. Should be interesting to see how the hotels handle all the pit bulls and chihuahuas. I hope they get a stipend for their security deposit because there's no way they're getting it back.

  2. I heard about this on the radio yesterday, and it just about made me apoplectic. SF is so full of fucktards that it would be a relief if The Big One happened and the entire shithole was swallowed up by the sea. I feel sorry for the dogs who are ultimately going to suffer from the outcome of this fucking ridiculous idea!!!!

    Purple Magpie

  3. "Too funny, this is the same city that tried to make selling pets illegal."

    Oh yeah! I'd completely forgotten about that. I'd noticed lately that humane societies are handing out free dogs everywhere these days. It used be pretty hard to adopt a dog a few years ago. Now they are pretty much waiving all fees.

    Purple Magpie:
    " SF is so full of fucktards that it would be a relief if The Big One happened and the entire shithole was swallowed up by the sea."

    Yeah. I mean, it must be impossible to beg without getting caught in SF. (eye roll) What are they going to do? Stop every homeless person with a dog they see begging to make sure they don't have a government dog? Plus, you are giving out animals to people that have a very tenuous grasp of taking care of anything. Hey maybe they should give them babies! Because we all know that if you can't take care of yourself, you should find a living being to take care of.

    They are just going to sell all the shit the government gives them, and let the dogs eat leftovers. Because no one throws out food.

    This morning I actually read they were "hiring" the homeless to care for the dogs. These will apparently be "foster dogs". Which will make the masses say awww. You are an evil puppy kicker if you don't think that is a good idea.

    I mean, no one likes the thought of killing dogs, but paying the homeless (or formerly so) to foster them is insane. Just really effing insane.

  4. Looks like SF isn't done with the weird dog laws just quite yet. Way to protect citizens from all those crazy people walking their dogs DF

  5. Sounds to me like you can just get around it by not going to a park in SF. But hey! I guess SF has no crime if they are assigning 4 officers for this bullshit duty.