Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Of Monsters and Murples.

I thought I'd give a post about Jasmine today. Normally I post more pictures when they are in this cute one year phase. However, she has not been cute at all. She's been driving us crazy. She is ridiculously strong willed.

The bunny we replaced her with was such a delicate rabbit for a mid size. It sounds stupid to say. She was born pigeon toed, so she always had sort of this light demeanor.

Jasmine is sort of more like.....a monster truck. She went through a false pregnancy. Which literally makes them the most aggressive animals on the planet. She gave Mr S. one of the most severe bites we've ever had. This is saying a lot because owning rabbits means you really get bitten all of the time.

They start ripping out their fur. In all the time we've owned rabbits, we'd never had false pregnancy. It was all I could do to not rip out her ovaries.

She has started evening out the past two weeks. Which is a relief. She had the kind of aggression you can't really tolerate for a lifetime. She would have had to have been neutered.

Sadly in my opinion, you can't tell if you have good breeding stock for about 5 years. And by good - I mean long living. I don't know that I will breed her. But I'd like to have the option.

Also, her ear never dropped. For a couple of weeks when she was younger I was sure it would drop. She is at an age now where we are almost certain it might stay up. So, technically she is a half velveteen lop.

Back story on why we call her Murple sometimes.


  1. "However, she has not been cute at all"

    That's not true. She is very cute. A total monster, but still cute.

    That's the most monstrous part -- she's so cute she gets away with sh*t.

    She'll shred everything within reach, nip me and draw blood, and then toss her head, look at me sweetly and ask me to pet her.

    And I still go "Awwww", and do it.

  2. Woooooow. Such amnesia.

    At first I was like - what shit is she getting away with?

    Oh yeah. That shit.

  3. Evil bunny.

    There's either some interesting psychology involved with Mr. S. and Miss Murple, or this could be inspiration for a B-horror-movie...

    Purple Magpie ;)