Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some of you bloggers are just assholes.

The past few months this has been bothering me more and more. Probably because at least half the sites I visit are now trying to get that sweet sweet internet money.

You go to a site, and when you try to leave by clicking the back arrow button - you can't because some ad company (usually double click) has hyjacked the page.

Okay, what the fuck ever you say and just start using your pull down menu. Just to go to the site you were previously at. It's just an annoyance you say. In the scheme of things it doesn't matter.

Well, the site I just went to made it so I can't even use my pull down menu. 19 double click ad taps were preventing me. I'd have to go to my browsing history. And for that I say fuck you!

I know some bloggers make money from the ads they place on their sites (and I don't begrudge that), but mark my words - we are getting tired of this shit. And have you ever tried to read these sites from a cell phone?

I guess these guys are getting wise to the fact that we know hitting the back button just pads their wallets. And there is nothing I hate about a site more than it preventing me from leaving. It makes me not want to come back honestly.

It also makes me wonder what is happening that they feel they need to force clicks out of you that way, rather than the standard way. By you visiting their site. I don't mind paying you for your content when I come to visit. I really resent you charging me more - just so I can leave.

It's just so frustrating when you are a data crawler, you don't remember where you just came from. You hop from one link to the next.

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