Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Capitola set.

As many of you know - lately the world gets me down. It isn't that I don't lead a normal life. I do. But those moments that allow you to not think about the future are rarer and rarer.

So, I rotate through the need to satisfy the appetite of my blog, and things that I hope will make me feel care free. I mean, we can't all quit our jobs and do whatever makes us "happy". That is some bullshit the last generation and the baby boomers thinks is reality.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what that is right now. I think what would make me happiest is not having to constantly distract myself from sheer panic.

Apparently Capitola is that place. I went for a car show. Missed the car show. The second this month. But I left feeling..... really better.

I sidled into this professional photographers photo shoot. Because sometimes I think I want to be a portrait photographer. It's also why you get this side shot.

I had this intense urge to buy a cottage in Capitola Village. It's this little river inlet.

See, the problem as I see it is spanning the gap from beach bum to property owner beach bum.

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