Sunday, June 10, 2012

All of the fair that is fit to print. END

I swear I thought these were conjoined.


  1. Monkeys are even better than car photos. First thing I'm doing once I leave California is buying one so that I can teach him to ride the ostriches.

  2. If you turned that into monkey joust - I'd pay to see that. Probably more than once.

  3. I like the idea about the joust, although we might run into some issues with the animal cruelty laws if we actually had them battle it out. I bet video of them would be like viral gold. Maybe we should rent a monkey and Ostrich once we pick up a Joust video game? If we end up putting the Ostrich ranch in Winnemucca, we would be able to CCTV the races into the Vegas casinos and people could bet on them. There's already Ostrich racing in South Africa, but none in the US as far as I know.

  4. I'm not worried about the cruelty. Because I know the temperament of monkeys and ostriches.

    If you can make them run in a straight line and actually connect. That would be amazing.

    But I'd die laughing watching you go batshit crazy trying to make that happen.