Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two of the more interesting things I've seen all day.

Flexible glass by Schott, and conductive paint by Vorbeck Materials.

To be honest, I stopped to get swag at this booth and decided to ask them what they did because is wasn't obvious. When I found out it was flexible glass I was somewhat mesmerised. They had a piece the size of a large silicon wafer sitting on this shot glass, and you can see how thin it was. I thought it was cellophane. Nope. It was glass. In the top picture you can see it is reflecting the booth next to it's table. It is breakable, but also flexible.

Conductive paint. I'd never heard of it before. But it sounds like one day you might be able to print your own circuit boards. I was wishing I'd asked how I can get some of this stuff, because I want to play with it. Here is a presser they stuck out last year. Here. One of the more interesting applications was anti-theft. When you broke the conductive chain an alarm would go off.

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