Friday, June 15, 2012

That is one way to misgauge the nation.

"In a speech this afternoon in the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama explained his administration's decision to allow as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants to apply for temporary legal status and work permits."

President Money Bags has clearly lost momentum and is throwing everything at the wall he thinks will stick. So, when he made his little Rose Garden speech this morning I had to really laugh. That immigration thing is likely to inflame people way more than pull them in. This is the reason why.

Way back in 2007 and before, California was filled to the brim with illegals. Likely almost every single contractor and homeowner that used contractors at the time had come into contact with them. Everyone in California turned a blind eye to it. Everyone! There was so much work, you absolutely could not avoid this.

Fast forward 2 years after the crash. These exact same contractors had suddenly become anti immigration. Sharply so. These people are coming in and undercutting our work - they said.

I remember being so surprised at the time. I think I even blogged about it once, although I'm having a hard time finding the post.

The mood of the nation two years ago, is definitly NOT the mood of the nation now.


  1. This is an interesting angle to look at the decision. I think there are a lot of hispanics in the US now though, so that may balance out this change in opinion. Certainly in my neighborhood, latinos are now more than 50% and they're getting increasingly more politically active. At the very minimum you would have thought that PMB would have picked a different day then when taxes are due for small businesses to make this announcement. Nothing highlights how much Mr. Money bags is anti-small businesses like giving a free pass on the underground economy while sticking it to those who manage to eek out a small profit.

  2. Hey - maybe he could promise us puppies! I hear that works.