Sunday, March 13, 2011

My heart shaped rock.

This weekend I found myself at a bead and gem faire. Which is totally not my thing. But - it could be my thing. I guess. First of all - things are really sparkly there. Second - it is a queen magnet. Serious queens.

Gays have only started moving to the burbs (or at least mine) in the past few years. Not queens though. I thought it was pretty ballsy to see a guy in a mini dress. Not trying to look like women. Just straight up dudes in skirts. Normally you have to cross the hill for that kind of thing. So, I thought that was pretty interesting.

Anyway. At some point I ran across these heart shaped rocks and had a complete flashback from my childhood. As a kid I had one of these. Although mine had a divot in the center to put your thumb in. It was sort of a stress rock. When you rubbed it - it was suppose to make you feel better.

All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than that rock. At first I thought I still had it. Now I think I might have lost track of it. I don't know when. It doesn't matter.

Mr S. wanted me to buy a new one. It just isn't the same. I want the one I had as a kid. I probably haven't even thought of that thing in a decade or more. Now it's all I want.


  1. I actually have lapidary as a hobby and cut and polish stones. Very relaxing, though I am not gay.

  2. Hey Cappy!

    I think I could get into the whole rock thing. Plus, what is not to love about all the tiny tools? I almost impulse bought a set of pliers.