Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why is Libya okay and Iraq not?

I don't get it. At least Iraq was a threat to national security. Allegedly.

And, this is coming from someone who supported the Iraq war. Didn't care about WMD. Would have dropped a few bombs just on humanitarian reasons. We were getting reports people were being put in wood chippers after all. All sorts of atrocities.

It turned out a lot of those reports probably weren't true. Likely spread by the Kurds.

Iraq changed me. I don't want to help the Libyans. Which is really hard to say. I am always in support of humanitarian aid. Always.

One some level - I don't believe the Libyans. They can get all this video out from the fighting - but very little video of deaths. Which is odd because the Arabs love to show this stuff. I've seen gun shot wounds. Some fatalities. But, nothing on the level that should invoke US action. And if it did..... why not a hundred other places too?

Mr S. thinks President Money Bags is bluffing. That PMB's is going to delay and delay and delay. Which I can agree with. Though, I think the UN called his bluff. PMB's probably thought - the UN never agrees on anything! Then bam - all of a sudden Canada and Norway are flying planes down. The ink wasn't even dry on the accord.

I just don't get why he is doing this. Has he given up on being re-elected? If he doesn't plan on doing anything - he sure has backed himself into an awkward corner.

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