Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm frightened. President Money War Bags finally found the camera.


  1. When O gave his war speech. It was the first time I'd seen him look directly into the camera. Ever.

    I mean, he should do that. But since he hasn't on many things when he addressed the nation - it freaked me out.

    He does the opposite of everything he says. I got used to that. He's got a new behavior though.

  2. Adolf Obamao trying to hypnotize the masses... I'm glad I didn't see that -- I didn't watch the speech. I can't even stomach the sound of his voice.

  3. Yeah. We don't want him looking into the camera. Especially with that car salesman smile. *ting*

    His speeches since, he hasn't done it. But that one speech, he looked into the camera probably 8 times.

    I have to watch his speeches Yo. He's like a million marketing guys rolled into one. In watching him, I'm hoping it makes me more adept at spotting bullshitters. And he's pretty good. I see why a lot of old people fall for him. He's so nice.

    Old people, that is their default setting. "If he's so nice"... he can't be bad.

    At least w/dubyah you didn't have to worry about him being so much car salesman - he could barely get any words out of his mouth. I'd always hold my breath when he spoke.