Friday, March 04, 2011

Yipes. Gas almost at 4 bucks. Didn't we invade Iraq to steal their oil? /sarcasm off.

The analysts believe we can absorb higher gas prices. I think they are completely full of shit. You can already see people are pulling back on driving. Besides - we've all adapted to staying home.

All the spending I've been doing the last few months is so I can hunker down again if I have to.


  1. At least you've got enough firewood in case we have to go back to steam powered engines.

  2. I think you are mocking me. ;) Ha ha hah. Steam engines would make the greenies giddy. Wouldn't it? How am I going to fill up my earth destroyer 2000 with these prices?

    I do have a bit of that wood left. It didn't rain for something like 6 weeks. I lost a lot of destroying the earth time. At least I'll be able to use it for BBQ this summer.