Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are not men.

Today I rented a chainsaw. Why? Because my fence is down. Now I can cut down those trees that were annoying me. The ones preventing the fence from falling into my yard.

So I walk into the rental place and ask for a chainsaw for girls. Well, we don't have any that are pink. Not pink - I reply. I just want to be able to start it without my husband.

This means I walked out with a sissy electric chainsaw.

Here starts my rant though. I don't know why men and tool companies think that when women want to use tools, we want it to be pink. Or have a paisley print on it.

Hear that Craftsman?

I don't think women want any of those things. We want tools that are just as powerful as men's. That fit our bodies. We are women! Not pansies.

Our hands are smaller. Our center of gravity is different. We have less upper body strength. Yet, we still want to destroy things.


  1. Well, sadly I suppose, chainsaws are sized according the job, not the gender. To cut BFTs (big frickin trees), you need a big frickin chaninsaw. Which takes a big frickin motor to pull three feet of chain through a chunk of hardwood.

    If you are cutting down yer basic yard tree, you can get buy with a smaller saw.

    'Cept dat, any gas operated version is going to have a bigger (heavier) motor to house all the pistons and associated googahs.

    Electric saws generally get used for cutting up BFS (big freakin shrubs) or firewood, etc.

  2. Yeah. Chainsaws aren't the greatest example. They could be easier to start though. Our arms are just shorter. I can handle the weight and kickback.

    Chainsaw on a stick was really easy to start. And they are pretty heavy. For a girl. With the pole and everything. I was able to do that.

    My stuff is a shrub with a tree complex. It's suppose to be a shrub. But my compost bin sits right next. I think it is bending time and space and creating super shrubs. I was only able to get one out with the baby saw. The other one is probably 10 inches in diam.

    I'm probably at that point I should buy one. But I'm pretty close to having nuked everything.