Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy. Said in the most sarcastic way.

A huge storm blew through on Saturday bringing down one of my fences. So Sunday I was in a pissy mood.

If you've been reading this blog for a long time - you probably know this makes me want to punch at the sky. If not, you can at least read one of the stories here. I've lived in 3 houses. Had seven neighbors. Before I leave this house I will have 9 fence repairs. If I'm lucky.

Oh yes. My neighbors here are setting records. Two neighbors will be on a second fence repair - because people are so effing cheap. Drives me nuts.

The great thing about fences is, everyone knows they are ready to fall - but they won't do anything about it until they do. So, it's this great game of hot potato. I generally try to make the fences fall on their property - because it's the only way to get them to do anything.

Whoevers' landscaping the fence is killing - is more motivated to get it fixed. Otherwise you are just shit out of luck.

I will go to great lengths to make sure the fence doesn't fall on my property. The neighbor to the back and I are waging this battle. I thought that fence would come down in the storm. But it didn't. That neighbor must have some really good kung fu going on. But the storm isn't over.

I am so raw about this fence issue - that I normally try to send Mr S. over as an ambassador. Seven neighbors I've been through this with. Seven. Two neighbors have gotten free segments just to shut them up and to get them to do what I want. Namely using pressure treated wood for stuff that touches the ground.

If you can't get a neighbor to replace a fence when it needs it, they will definitely squirm over spending a little more money on pressure treated wood. No matter that most of these neighbors are lifers in their houses, and just wind up replacing the fence again in 10 years or less. Which is way more expensive than just spending a little extra now.

At any rate. I heard my neighbor next door this morning and figured I should bite the bullet and talk to them. It's been two days. Thankfully they are the most normal neighbors I have. Which is funny. When I first moved into this place I was warned that they were the nuttiest.

He was cooperative and willing to pay to have it replaced. A good start I'd say. After all... it is down on his property! Though he did want to use all the old wood. Which I am having none of.

I'm sort of bitter that all my neighbors have lived in these houses for decades and didn't do shit to their fences. Now I've hit the fence lottery and will have to fix every single one of them. Granted I do buy houses that need work. These neighbors have already gotten some free fence from me. I've done my part.

The other interesting thing is he said he was going to submit the fence to his insurance. I don't know why these people do this. It's such a small amount, and it raises their insurance rates. Hopefully I won't be asked to do insurance fraud like the last neighbor in the link above.

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