Sunday, May 02, 2010

Spocom 2010

I went to this thing yesterday. I didn't find it that interesting. Except for this brushed metal BMW I found in the parking lot. Outside of a Delorian (which I hate) I've never seen a brushed metal car. I initially just thought it was flat grey, but once I got close I could see it wasn't a coating.

Other shots here, here.

The funniest thing about this trip was - the security guards at the Menlo Park fairgrounds are sort of aggressive. I don't know what happens out there, but when I went to the bike show a few weeks back, they asked to search my camera bag. No big deal. When I said yes, they had a flashlight inside my bag so quick I actually couldn't believe it. It was a really small show, and it wasn't like it was filled with biker gangs. It was so lightweight they had a Christian biker group. So, I thought the security was a little funny.

Anyway. When I arrived yesterday I immediately noticed they had put up metal detectors. Again - no big deal. I'm prepared to have them search my bag. I walk through the detector, the bag goes through the outside. They ask to search. I comply.

Mr S. walks through the detector and is carrying an aquapod. Which is a half sized water bottle. They make him toss it.

Now, what is funny about this is - they are so bunchy about security. But, my bag has two compartments. Both times I've been to the fairgrounds, they've only searched one. It isn't like I couldn't fit a large sized weapon in the other compartment. When I open my bag my camera is in one compartment and the other side hits the table with a large thud. I'm sporting 12 double A batteries. It isn't like you can miss the sound.

Just a thought. If your panties are in a big enough bunch you feel the metal detectors are warranted - maybe you should search a bag that makes a large thud when one side hits the table. Just sayin.


Anonymous said...

The brushed metal is a vinyl wrap, like a big sticker. The car belongs to HD AutoSalon, who does that kind of wrapping. They are in San Jose, CA!

she said: said...

Hmmm. Thanks for that info.

That was a very convincing wrap. Very subtle. I wanted to touch it - which probably would have revealed it wasn't brushed metal. But, I wanted to be respectful. It explains a lot. Couldn't figure out how they do a whole car in brushed metal. Again, thank you!

she said: said...

I can't believe I didn't twig that was a wrap. I'm actually kind of bummed about my abilities now.

Miz Minka said...

Vinyl wrap or brushed metal: if it ain't purple it ain't purty. ;) Hahaha.

she said: said...

Ha ha hah. I gave you a purple Lexus. Which I have to admit would be better if those blue reflections traveled around with it. Looks like spray coming off the wheels.

That Lexus trumped a Noble from that show. And - I thought I'd never see another one of those in my lifetime. From a couple of weeks back. Here.