Saturday, May 08, 2010

It all started with a duck.

Today has just been one of those days where nothing has come very easily. Mr S. and I couldn't decide what we wanted to do today until very late last night. So, we wound up having a miscommunication and slept in till 10.

First thing leaving the city - we were on a three lane highway. I saw a duck with some chicks start to cross the highway on the other side. Once she got to the far side of lane one - she just laid down in the road.

Within the span of a few seconds I tried to figure out if I could get across the highway to the other side, and when I looked back, a car was passing me and ran over the family. It was really nothing they could do. It was one of those scenarios where it was a blind hill and once you crest it, you are doing 65. There was no way to see them in time.

The only reason I saw them at all is a few times lately Mr S. has been reporting that he has seen odd wildlife dead on the freeway. Like turkeys, and a cougar. Deer are somewhat common, but not those things. Those are really odd. So when I saw something that looked like a bird - I naturally thought it might be a turkey. The whole Bay Area seems to be getting over run with them.

We were going to go to a car show. But honestly - cars are played out. I'm not a car blog. I'd rather be doing technology. There isn't really anything interesting going on in technology right now.



  1. Jesus Christ, give the audience a warning. That story was a horrible way to begin a day...

    [insert image of red stains that had been ducklings and mother]

    Mother's day at that. Uck.

  2. It was the day before, but Yeah. Huge bummer.

    You have to think this will start happening more and more though. There just aren't enough predators for the natual cycle. Eventually there will be too many and they will start camping out on the freeway. Which is what seems to be happening with the turkeys.

    You never like to witness it.

  3. No, no. Keyser read it on Mother's Day.

    It's like those awful migrations over roads they have on Pacific islands with crabs and the like.

  4. Oooooh. My bad. A bit of poor planning on my part. I get a surge of traffic on Monday. So I thought most people would read it then. If I would have waited till monday to post it, it probably would have gotten pushed off. Maybe not such of a loss in retrospect.

  5. Well, it's a pretty horrific image all around, so it probably wouldn't have been much better on Monday.

    At least you didn't include a photo! :-)