Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank hells it's Thursday.

You know - I was never into Jackass. The whole time it was popular, I resisted. I thought it was stupid.

Until the winter of 2008. At that moment I was glad I had never gotten into that show. Because...... I could watch them all. Day after day. Gorging myself on them. I'd watch Doomberg, then Jackass. All better.

Somehow when the dudesons started a few weeks ago.. I was sure I was going to need this show. Johnny Knoxville could have never expected I would be his demo. I'm not an adolescent male teenager. Still, there is nothing that makes you feel more okay about a 400 point drop in the market then watching someone injure themselves. I don't know why. They choose to do it. I'm all for self choice. I will watch.

WARNING - do not click play if you can't handle injury, pain, and plain stupidity.

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