Saturday, May 29, 2010

FanimeCon 2010

I almost didn't make it to AnimeCon today. I slept worse then normal. Mr S. also didn't sleep well. Which was unusual.

I'd only found out about it yesterday. And, since I'd woken up feeling pretty rough - I was willing to let the whole thing slide. But, I have people to entertain. Namely me. Since I can't participate in any creative destruction right now.

The crowd was a lot smaller which was fine with me. The costumes seemed a little more creative. And OMG - it is nice to have people who actually want to have their picture taken.

The other amazing thing about the people at Fanimecon? They are so respectful of the camera.

I was hiding behind a pole to stay out of the stream of traffic. There was no way people could see me until they got right up on me, and every single time they would completely halt until I said they could go. Everyone pretty much fell out of their way to stay out of peoples shots. It was impressive.

One pretty funny thing happened at FanimeCon. The protesters were there again this year. At one point I went out and exclaimed "hey - now they have Jesus!". Which I thought was funny because the protesters are usually some god hates f@gs group. But the FanimeCon usually has a Jesus walking around.

I turned to Mr S. and said - hey, I think I've seen Jesus before. Mr S. looked at me funny.

Me - No, I'm serious. I've seen Jesus before.

Mr S. makes some ridiculous comment about enlightenment.

It turns out I had seen Jesus before. At the last Tea Party protest. Here. Second photo in the post.

Gay Mario.

This costume was the best one there. I think. Video here.

FanimeCon is like geek Mardi Gras shot.

Some guys asked this girl what would happen if they solved the Rubix cube. She replied - you can't solve women. Maybe not as funny in text - but it was funny at the time.

This guy I kinda loved. I walked up to him because he looked way out of place. Are you working this show - I asked. No - I'm waiting for my kids. Which made me laugh.

He just put out the vibe that he couldn't believe he was doing this crap, but he was doing it anyway. It was funny.

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