Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These people have gone insane.

"Speeding through a red light? Not a chance, according to IBM Corp.

The technology behemoth, known for its work with computers, is now trying its hand at traffic. The company recently filed a patent application for a system that could remotely stop and start vehicle engines at traffic signals in order to save fuel and prevent crashes.

The system would sense vehicles’ positions and send a “stop engine” notification – either by automatically turning off the engine or displaying an alert telling drivers to manually switch off power.

At intersections, railway crossings and other locations, the system could use anything from weight sensors to camera and GPS units to track vehicles. The technology could also be used to calculate when cars have been idling for too long and should be shut down."

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  1. My first reaction: *speechless*

    My second reaction: OMG. That had to be a deranged liberal tree-hugging nut job with a withered stump of ganglia for a brain who came up with the idea of not letting people drive FREELY. F-ing unbelievable. I think they'd like to see us all ride bicycles like in the People's Republic of Davis, 'cause, like, we're too damn stupid to know how to drive a car, and it shouldn't be up to us to determine how we drive our cars, and they're BAAAD for the environment anyway!!!

    Egad, the freakin' freaks are trying to take over the world!!!!

  2. I know! And it just sucks so much, that technology companies whose whole existence was trying to stave off government regulation - have basically become a hand of the beast.

    I think they outnumber us now. We have to let them eat each other for the world to swing back.