Monday, May 17, 2010

I've never been in love with an alpaca before.

Oh stop. You know this is the reason you come here.

You see this Alpaca giving me the stink eye? It's that same look Paisley gives before she is going to nip me. Still, I previously thought alpacas were huge beasts. These came just up to my boobs. And, they look like freakin poodles.

Now if someone bred a teacup alpaca - all the world would own one. Screw tiny pony! You can put the word teacup in front of pretty much anything, and it becomes cute. Teacup hippo? Yeah. Cute. Probably.

If I didn't love my leather interior so much, this thing would have gotten 3rd passenger status and would be sitting in my backyard. Did you know they are a little like bunnies and can be litter box trained. Ish. They trend towards going in the same spot.

You see what happens to a person who's husband has crazy allergies? I'll try to turn anything into a dog.


  1. Um... What's with the ridiculous looking haircut?! Alpacas, llamas, vicunas et al are cute enough without trying to make them look like cloven-hoofed poodle imitations.

    Maybe you could get yourself a robot dog. Like this one. Now, if they only covered them in soft fuzzy fur!

  2. No link attached Yo.

    I kinda liked the poodledoo. But then - I loved that you didn't like it. It's funny.

    Makes it look more like a giraffe. Oh! Tiny giraffe. Screw tiny pony and alpaca. (shrug) I'm fickle.

  3. Tiny giraffe would be cute!!!

    Yo, stupid Blogger. No linky love in comment boxes, eh? OK, copy & paste this:

    Actually, its bigger cousin, the Big Dog, kinda freaks me out -- sounds like a gigantic fly, too, ugh.

  4. I thought like it sounded like a swarm of bees. Beeeees.

    When I first saw that thing I was sure it was faked. It looked like two guys hunched over.

    The small one - I'm not sure I've seen before. I like that it has a handle. Sure it isn't high tech, but it is dust buster-ish.