Sunday, May 09, 2010

It all started with a duck. Continued.

Over the past year or so - I've come down with almost a complete obsession with kitchy old diners. It isn't that I have a thing for history. I'm more rushing towards the future type of gal. It is just an experience you can't really describe.

I'm pretty sure it started when I went to Sacramento. They still have a bunch of these old Americana style diners. And not the ones "trying" to be Americana. Real, I'm rushing towards suicide slowly through jamming my arteries full of crap, style diners. These places have virtually scrubbed clean in the Bay Area. Replaced by strip malls that look virtually the same in every city. In the outskirts however, you can still find a few.

So, when we thought we were going to a car show on Saturday we figured we would pre scout out a breakfast place. Which is usually our routine. I don't eat breakfast at all during the week. So, on the weekends breakfast is a must. The place we decided on took us about 30 minutes out of the way. It was an old "divey?" roadside diner from the description. They didn't even have regular bathrooms. They had porto potties. Thank gawd for the warning from yelp. That way I didn't have to break my ban on porto potties.

Thankfully when we arrived, it wasn't divey. Just built as a roadside diner. And will probably be shut down by some people with disabilities lawsuit. Like the Squeeze Inn.

All of a sudden the car show was a "maybe". We'd gotten out so late. There was some traffic slowdown on the Martinez bridge that added a half hour to the trip. We didn't get to the restaurant until almost 2. They stopped serving breakfast at 1. Which was a bummer.

Then we decided to just hang out in the town and try to get some High Dynamic Range photos. But, while we'd remember to bring the tripod - I'd forgotten the camera platform. So that was out too.

It was still a nice day. Just more effort full than it needed to be.


  1. There are Kitchy diners in San Francisco, you just have to pay yuppie prices is all. In Antioch we have Helen's. It's been here for something like 100 years. Great burgers, but it's the atmosphere that makes it stand out. I go there for comfort food, but try to avoid it for the most part because everything is dripping in grease.

  2. Good to know. ;)

    Enjoy it, before they ban it.

    The ones I've been to in SF seem more - used to be kitchy. Like Mels. Now seem like trying too hard to be kitchy.