Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Greece - the sequel. Opens Friday.

Honestly, I've been bummed since Sunday night when I found out about the whole EU "rescue".

One, I don't even like Gyros that much.

Two, I was responsible and didn't fuck up any of these economies. And, frankly feel pretty resentful I have to pay for every else's retardedness.

Three, oh yeah?!... California is about to drop into the ocean. We don't have the money to lend to any other countries. Duh. On Friday the Tardinator is going to release the revised budget - because you know... our tax revenue was down 25-30% for April.

No biggie though. The Tardinator just says "grab all those cities redevelopment funds" to close the budget gap. The cities respond "the fuck you, I say. I'm not doing that".

Oakland Ca, is a mere 5 weeks from claiming bankruptcy. Unless of course they can come up with a full 10% of the city budget all gansta style and make a payment due on July 1. Here.

Update - my bad. They have a year. Nothing to see here.

What does it all matter anyway. The feds will make money if we roll over. They now own credit default swaps in California. Here. Awkwarrrrd.

Certainly California won't announce like Rhode Island did that they aren't sending out any refunds until new money comes into the coffers. Would they?