Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is it odd I just saw a guy with a beggar sign - but his pants had a crisp press line?


Miz Minka said...

Well, most beggars probably don't own an iron or have a place to plug it in -- so permanent press is the way to go for the fashionably dressed panhandler!

No, really: At least pretend you're really poor by wearing ratty, dirty clothes. Come on. Sheesh.

she said: said...

Oh no - beggars can just have solar power now. Dontcha know?

I guess maybe they do need to have standards. At first I was caught off guard that he was just wearing slacks. Then as he walked by, it registered that they must have been pressed recently because of the crease. I didn't have my camera on me. Which was a bummer. But, honestly my brain had exploded at that point and it took it a few seconds to resolve what I had just seen.