Tuesday, August 04, 2009

While I'm at it.

Farmers are assholes. Yeah. I said it.

Okay - you remember a few weeks ago when the "administration" was buying mozzarella cheese for the food banks? Every since then, this cheese conversation has cropped up in my house about a million times. Why you ask? What a ridiculous thing to irritate you. People are hungry ya'll.

Well, you see the reason is this. My family was the beneficiary of good old fashion government cheese. And, we would have died to have Mozzarella cheese. DIED. Here is a picture of what it used look like. It came in foot long blocks. However, this wasn't from the 1950's. It was from the Reagan Era.

Today while I was trying to find pictures of old timey government cheese - I ran across the reasons why Regan gave cheese aid to poor folk. It was because the farmers had overproduced, and couldn't sell their products at a profit of course. The government artificially keeps the prices of cheese high, so the farmers don't go out of business. Instead of you know.. them producing less. Also making it so everyone else in the free world pays more.

Later Reagan figured out he should buy the farms and sell them rather than keep subsidizing dairy prices.

So why is Obama buying Mozzarella cheese? Same reason!

It's funny how they bury this stuff. They had a report on my news about it - only they phrased it in a way that it didn't even register at first. I turned to Mr S. and in a confused tone said "did they just tell us the administration is keeping the price of cheese high so farmers don't go out of business?" We actually had to run the tivo back. And sure enough.

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2009

WASHINGTON — An organization representing dairy farmers around the country called on the Obama administration to boost prices the government pays for excess cheese and powdered milk, saying the move would help ease the strain that low milk prices have caused farmers this year.

The National Milk Producers Federation asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to raise support prices by several cents per pound for cheese and nonfat dry milk, two products that heavily affect milk prices paid to farmers.

Oh - and President Money Bags - couldn't buy the cheep cheese. He has to buy premium cheese. So if you happen to be struggling, and don't understand why milk prices are so high? Well....now you know.

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