Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Same story - different day.

I have to tell you - these road construction guys make a vein in my neck throb. These pictures were taken around 2-2:30. Since I was by myself - I had to take random shots while trying to not run over cones, or hit anyone. So, the pictures aren't the best.

To tell you the truth, I circled the block for 30 minutes trying to get a clear shot. Yes, it pisses me off that much. They are taking money from productive working members of society and giving it fuckheads that sit on their asses.

Anyway, these guys had cleverly positioned themselves by the pole (ironically that says "no stopping any time"), so you couldn't get a long range shot. Their truck was blocking a shot from the other side. Surely they didn't plan it that way. They must have been doing hard work right? (shrug) They were filling squares of concrete in the sidewalks. Not whole segments mind you. Just a square here and there. Very important necessary work. Unlike building a reservoir or something.

I would have kept trying to get a good shot. But after their 30 minute break, they got up, got in their trucks and left. Huh. I guess that rules out a lunch break then.

10% of people don't have jobs, and this guy is on his ass.


  1. get out of your car, stop bitching and YOU fix the road!

    oh, yeah.....put down your cell phone and drive.

    remmember, traffic fines are doubled in construction zones! ;)

  2. Okay. Give me the money I paid these guys, and I'll contract someone myself. I guarentee my guys won't be sitting on their asses. There are tons of guys who will work for much less than these guys are working for.

    Oh yeah. I wasn't on my cell phone. I was on one of those "actual" cameras. Since I'm not looking into an LCD to take a picture - I'm not doing anything wrong. (winks back)