Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The hour is late - and the zombies are many. Pt2.

San Jose Zombie Crawl. Part 1 here.

This guy was really good and not with the group. I stumbled on him walking back to the car. That tiny dog was half the size of any of my bunnies. I asked why he didn't eat the dog. That only made him try to eat my brains. My batteries were acting up, and I didn't get the shots of him descending on me.

This was a panhandler. She might have been homeless - in the way people live with friends and such. At first the guy asked her if she wanted a cigarette. Then I stopped hearing what they were talking about. Clearly it looks like he was offering her brains.

Zombie dog.


  1. Zombies?? Or fugatives from ObamaCare . . . soon to be known as KopechneCare.

  2. Ha hahah. It would have been funny if I could have convinced them to carry signs that had bank names.

    It was right next to the university though. So I'm guessing they don't care about zombie banks.