Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gripes R' us.

I have to admit - I'm in a bad mood today. The day didn't start well.

It's hot. I'm bored. I don't want to spend money because every time things look like they are improving, the plane hits the tarmac again. And even if that weren't the case - there isn't anything interesting to buy anyway. There are no good events. Because, everyone is broke. The parks suck, because it's hot and bone dry.

So unless your into dating, or yoga, or mind body wellness - there isn't shit going on. And - I'm so hating people.

I never ever thought there would be a case when so many people are out of jobs and people become so freaking lazy. It used to bug the crap out of me that people didn't want to take my money. Now it's even freaking worse. If you can believe it. It's like they've all become lobotomized. I know - business is way down. So lets give people worse service.

I've come to the conclusion I expected too much of the world.

Then, I attempted to try a new breakfast place this morning. It was one of those places that gives you a menu at the door, and you have to stand in line to order. Which drives me nuts. So, we scratched that one. We went to one of our old standbys and PG&E had shut their power off for the morning. I'm sure they don't make that much money on Sunday morning service. Right?

We then chose the next closet place. Which was a disaster. To show you, I present you with this picture.

Now, it isn't unusual for restaurants to bring things out in a skillet. However - this was at least a 12 inch skillet. With the handle, it was two feet wide. Who does that? My old timey newspaper could have completely fit inside it. And yes. I do still read the old timey paper on Sundays. I have to check the rental market, and see what the housing market is doing.

We couldn't get our check when we wanted to leave. Our waiter disappeared. Which resulted in the owner asking us if we remembered what we ordered. Which I'm probably just being bitchy about. But, seriously?

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