Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So much weirdness.

One thing is certain - you never know what you are going to get here at the snarkolepsy blog. To be honest, even I don't know, as most of this stuff is completely unplanned. You will have to excuse my crappy pictures. I didn't expect this to happen, and then I felt kinda creepy taking photos. I don't know why.

So anyway - I guess Jeff is a girl. And I guess I sort of mated her last night!?!

It was about the freakiest thing ever. I wasn't even completely sure of their sexes. Only what the Internet told me. And then because he was so much smaller than her(Jeff. No I'm not changing it's name) I thought he was food.

She took his head off and I thought that was the end of that. I knew they mated when that happened, but I thought they needed to be coupled at the time.

Um... turns out not. She eats his head, and his body finds a life of its own and actually sort of walks around on its own to find um.. the sweet spot? I don't know what to call it.

Ridiculously, since I didn't expect this insect to mate in complete captivity, I may now be stuck with an egg sack I have to coddle for a few months. I'm telling you, you can't make this crap up.


  1. Now sex and violence. You won't be able to complain about Keyser's photos anymore!

  2. Hey, when my mantids start growing boobs - then we can talk. ;)

    Which actually would be quite interesting. If I do say so myself.

  3. I must say, I've been enjoying your Jeff posts. I think it's hilarious that the mating took place on the infamous styrofoam cup. ;P

  4. Hahahah. It's funny you noticed. Jeff is so in love with that cup. She'll walk round and round the outside like a racetrack. She's only left it twice in the many weeks.