Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a good thing no one pays attention to this stuff.

Has anyone been paying attention to Honduras? I know you are all looking around going "who the f pays attention to Honduras".


So, every few days when a news report comes out about our goberment hassling them, I think - why are we still paying any attention to this matter? They don't produce anything we need. They are one of the poorest nations on earth. Why do we care!

Yet - week after week, we still fuck with them. Today, the Central American Bank is freezing credit to them. Which I believe is a division of the IMF. Since it's listed on the IMF site.

Which only makes sense since Hillary has vowed to take action against them. First we decided to not protect them via dropping military relations - now we are just trying to starve them out.

I suppose I'm the only one who finds it odd. You know, since I thought they were going to be busy creating jobs.

Wow.. it seems funnier in text. Creating jobs.


  1. The reason is that the old president was thrown out by order of the supreme court and with the concurrence of the legislature for trying to turn himself into a northern Hugo Chavez. So all the tofu munchers over at the HuffPo started drooling all over their Che Guervara t-shirts in indignation. And so Pres. Berry had to act decisively to keep those people happy about something. At the expense of Honduras, of course, but as you say, who cares about them?

  2. Well, hey really - why invade a country when you can starve them to death.

    The thing is.. some small part of me wants to believe that the Glenn Becks of the world are the hardliners. Even though every two days Berkeley hosts a class on communism. They are everywhere around here.

    Yet the Honduras thing leaves little interpretation. There is no explanation for spending so much energy on this little country - except for restoring a future dictator. No blood for oil.

    You can starve people for a really long time before anyone cares.

    What do I care though - all the rich people leave and everything goes to shit, and the people in those countries don't actually seem to care that much. Seemingly.

    P.S. Tofu munchers sounds like a band name. I like it.