Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The hour is late - and the zombies are many.

San Jose Zombie Crawl.

Zombie - or homeless?

Zombies holding up traffic.


  1. I love how some zombies dont bother to makeup past their cheeks and chins.

    I think you can tell the real ones from the fakers if they remember to put makeup on their hands.

    I'd be there in my Umbrella Corporation riot gear.

  2. Wow. Look at you hardcore girl.. Maybe they are lazy zombies.

    This? That woulda been so awesome. I did get a picture of a guy with a gas mask, but not all decked out.

  3. Totally!

    I think I could have raided Sarge's equipment cache for something useable. Though I don't think he has a web belt anymore....

  4. That's funny. My first choice was to go as a "Flood" zombie from "Halo". But I didn't think that many people would get it.\AUTOIMAGES\MF18267lg.jpg

  5. Ok, I know I'm obsessing on the whole Zombie thing, but have you read The Zombie Survival Guide by MAx Brooks? It sounds totally ridiculous, but is actually pretty interesting.

    Plus I'll totally be prepared for the shuffeling hoard.