Saturday, August 15, 2009

That old familiar face.


  1. Since you have a post about the associations with colors after this one, here's an observation about fire trucks and color. Around 1970, in the US they started painting them a green-tinted yellow color (like a tennis ball) because some scientist must have argued that this was more visible than the traditional red (which may well be true, esp. at night). But within a few years, they went back to red because that's the color people *thought* fire trucks should be, which apparently hindered the identification of such trucks on the road. In Canada, everyone's much more deferential to hierarchy and authority, so a lot of the fire trucks are still that weird tennis ball color. People here are more willing to let the "experts" have their way.


    Ya still think firefighters make too much money?

    I didn't think so. ;)

  3. You'd be wrong. You can't throw a dart on a map of California and not find ridiculous abuse of the overtime system. I mean, how many of you guys do you suspect are pulling down 250K a year pensions? 25%? Firefighters are now more highly paid than the politicians. Who are grossly overpaid. And you get to retire at 50 with full beni's.

    Additionally - the vast majority of calls firefighters go on, are emergency calls. Not fires.

  4. hmmmm.

    jealous much?

    you too could have become a firefighter and enjoyed all the spiffy benefits of all those "emergency" calls that are not fires. ;)

    btw....who shows up anytime you call for those "emergencies" that happen to people every day?


    PS....I'm fixen' to enjoy my "inflated" pension soon, I'll think of you sometime!

    Oh yeah, I'm 53, not 50 and been on the job 33 years and damn proud of it.

    what the hell have you done today to earn your keep?

    nice talkn' with ya!

  5. OH. You are one of those people. "If you don't like it-you're just jealous". I notice you don't deny the spiking claims. However, simple economics says your pension funds are severely underfunded. You aren't worried? I would be. I hope the money is there for you when you need it. Or I guess you will just have to come crying to people like me "who earn their keep" to keep funding your retirement.

    "nice talkn' with ya! "

    If only. People who say that never go away. I see your IP trolling my site every few days.

    P.S. when you think of me - think of GM too, and know nothing is written in stone.