Saturday, August 15, 2009


Mr S. and I were up in Napa today. We set out to catch a tea party.

I'm not a devoted follower of these things. I will go take pictures of them. However, I did want to catch this one. This week I'd noticed the tea party folks were telling their people to start wearing red t-shirts.

I'd seen it on the Napa tea party site, and I'd seen another tea party where a large segment of the people were wearing red t-shirts. Which honestly freaked me out. Is it not lost on them that red is the universal color of socialism. All the socialist protests have tons of people in red t-shirts. Isn't that what a lot of them are protesting against? How is this lost on them? It just seemed odd and ironic. You'd think they would have chosen a different color.

At any rate, we got out late. Even though I'd read the permit went until 12, they must have bailed early and I missed them. We did stumble on a car show.

I swear to you - this car had lambo doors. By the time I got back to take a shot of it, the people were gone. So you just have to take my word for it. L.A.M.B.O. doors ya'll.

Bad ass VW paint job? I don't know. Sounds weird to say.

Look how tiny! It was the best thing ever to get that tiny child in the shot. To show how low the car was.

The weird roof caught my eye. Then I saw it was a Kaiser. Which I'd never heard of.


I guess VW microbusses are the new "it" retro car.


  1. I suppose it's because the media determined a number of years ago that blue states were democrat states, red states were republican? I didn't like it at the time because I feel (like you?) that the democrats/liberals are usually redder than the conservatives and republicans. But heck, who's to argue with perky Katie?

    John from Pomeroy on the Palouse

  2. It was exactly 9 years ago when this happenned. Up to and including the 2000, the media tradition was the incumbent party got 'blue', and the challenger party got 'red'.

    Then Bush v Gore Florida recount debacle happenned, and everyone started talking about "Red States" vs "Blue States", and it became fixed in everyones head that Red==Republican, and Blue==Democrat.

  3. The 2nd sentence above should read "Up to and including the 2000 _election_".

  4. Well, it's funny how some specific association can subvert traditional ones. Apart from the inversion of red from the socialist to the Republican color when it comes to US elections, Keyser has previously (and to his regret) remarked upon the peculiarity of honoring returning soldiers with yellow ribbons because of that stupid Tony Orlando song about a convict. That's wondrous strange, no?, in that yellow is otherwise associated with cowardice. But obviously that's not what people have in mind with the yellow ribbons.