Thursday, October 18, 2007


Readers.. Mr S. may have won the tipping debate, but surely you will be sympathetic with me on this issue.

Last night, I started to panic about the whole trip thing. You see, we've pretty much decided to stay with Mr S.'s mom. Because it will make her happy. And you know I'm all about making people happy.

Yeah.. I know. Mr S. laughed for a few minutes when I said that too.

So, the whole sleeping arrangements had distracted me from something Mr S.'s mom had said in an email. I was busy thinking "how is an insomniac going to sleep in a twin bed". Do you know how small a twin bed is?

His mom offered her bed, but Mr S. decided it was too Oedipal. I'm Mr S.'s wife.. not his momma. Which is why I adore him.

Anyway.. his mother said the following:

"Remember I don't have cable but I get 3, 5, 8, 19 and 55 with some jiggling of the antennae....sorry about that".

I can see you all making that funny face and saying "what"?

It wasn't like I was planning to watch much TV while I was there. But it made me realise that I now have a lot of pressure to entertain her. I mean.. I was hoping TV would take a little pressure off. Lets face it, 80% of the things I talk about are completely inappropriate. Normally, I can act like a lady.. but for 5 days?

It isn't like I can go to the beach or some attraction to aid in conversation. This is a midwest town. In the middle of winter. And my MIL doesn't even keep up with world events or anything. I'm pretty sure there are caves that have more information flowing through them.

Look.. even my bunnies are better connected.

Now I'm not even sure what to talk to her about. We have almost nothing in common. I mean.. what does she do with all that time? What about at night?

So I asked my husband what I might talk to her about the whole time. He says the following. "You probably won't have to talk about anything, she does a pretty good job of doing all the talking".

Like that is suppose to make me feel better. I can only put up with my own female friends and their chattering ways for about 4 hours. I'm doomed!

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