Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm stealing your bees.

All year long I've been hearing the bee population has been declining. I haven't done any research on it, because it just isn't that interesting of a story. And mostly because I didn't believe the decline in bees was true.

Or if it was true, I couldn't understand how my house was somehow the epicenter of bee-dom.

You my yard I have an excess of bees. All year long I could probably count thousands of bees on my property. I'm not kidding. So many bees in fact, Mr S. and I joke about how much noise they make.

Okay.. so why am I telling you about this? You're bored right? Me too. But I'm getting sick of these stories about the dead bees.

Today I'm getting some yard work out of the way, and I'm dodging bees. Which apparently have all come to my place to hang out. Thinking it was the perfect time to try out my new camera lens I took a few shots of the bees and some butterfly's.

Not an hour later the news had another story on the "bee crisis". Specifically a species of bumblebee called franklin's bumblebee.

Click to read the story.

Now, I'm no entomologist, but the bees on my property look a lot like the picture they showed on the news. Which are now suppose to be extinct. Personally, I just think the scientist's aren't trying to look for the bees, because it makes a better story that we are all doomed.

At any rate.. if the bee crisis is true, all you people are starving and I have a new income stream selling bees.

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  1. Yeah, a few years ago we had bees in our side yard. The exterminator said he couldn't get rid of them because they were a protected species so we had to call a special bee farm to collect them. What a pain! And if they're so endangered, what are dozens of hives doing up and down my street?