Saturday, October 27, 2007

Burn your own.

Remember when I was all pissed off about my car? I'd taken it into the shop to have the satellite navigation system fixed. They told me they fixed the system, but my navsat disk was damaged, which isn't covered under the warranty. So, I would have to buy a new one.

Remember all that? If not, read here.

It was 80 bucks (!) for a replacement disk, but since I didn't have the latest rev, you know they were going to try to force me to buy the current rev for 200 bucks (!!). Personally, I don't think roads change that much in a year to force me to buy the current maps. So they can bite me.

Plus, the disk had never been out of the system. The broken navsat system must have damaged the disk. We didn't even know there the eject button was on the navsat system until we had to get a new disk. So you know having to replace the disk pissed me off.

Anyway, today - Mr S. got the bright idea to see if he could read the disk from one of the computers. He figures if the computer can read it, he can just clone the disk. He pops in the navsat disk and he can see the files.

I would have never considered trying this. I'd have been sure they (Navteq) put some kind of security software on the disk to prevent you from copying the disk. But they don't!

One trip to Office Max for DVD+R DL disks, a little help from our HP dvd 1040e DVD drive and the included NERO disk burning software - and we have a working navsat disk!

I told you I wasn't giving Chrysler any of my money ever again. Thanks to my brilliant husband I didn't have to.

Can you believe they don't put any security software on their disks to prevent you from doing exactly what Mr S. did? Making a copy.

The whole thing cost us 35 bucks. And I still have 14 disks to use.

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