Friday, October 12, 2007

Detroit has no one to blame but themselves.

I'm going to be blunt here Readers. Chrysler should fire 90% of their staff. They make owning a Chrysler product one of the most un-enjoyable experiences I've ever had owning a car.

Take this for an example. Mr S. took in our Chrysler 300 on Wednesday morning for an oil change/tune-up. The navsat was completely non-operational and displaying an error message on the screen. Let me just point out this car has 15,000 miles on it.

The hands-free call system was still giving us problems, and the the satellite radio was also completely dropping out. Which has been an ongoing problem. The car would need to be shut off and restarted for the radio to start working again.

The car has already been in the shop for the hands-free and satelite radio issues. As a matter of a fact, the car has needed to be in the shop 3 times so far. Read here.

So anyway..... this is the third day the car has been in the shop. When I finally get ahold of them this afternoon, this is the bullshit I get.

They haven't done anything to the car. The tune-up hasn't been done. The parts for the other problems have been ordered. But... because of their fucking 6 hour strike,(read here) they are claiming a delay in the parts stream. Can you believe that shit?

Oh, and just let me point out... I still have to take my car back after they get the parts in.

So... to recap. 5 days in the shop for a tune-up. Because it won't be ready to be picked up till Monday.

Let me just also add - this is the second shop the car has been in. Obviously being pretty unimpressed with the work from the first shop. We decided to try a shop more in the heart of Silicon Valley hoping for a better quality of service. Which I will reveal after I get my f-ing car.

It would be one thing if through every step of the process, Chrysler employees didn't make it obvious they don't give give a shit about their product or their customers. Each and every time we deal with Chrysler we get about as equally bad service. As for the Union.. they should be glad they settled their strike so quickly, because frankly I think they should feel lucky they have jobs.

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