Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh.. thats not right.

I'm not sure why everything has to throw up a giant roadblock and become a pain in the ass.. but... it does.

So, my regular readers will know I'm about 6 weeks into my 3 month stint with tape torture. 2 nights ago my nips start itching like crazy. Not thinking much about it, I take a bynadril and go to sleep. The next day (yesterday) I'm really itching. I decide its time to take the tape off and let everything take a rest. Only to find out I've had a severe reaction to the surgical glue. Let me emphasise severe.

Today.. it feels like I'm simultaneously being stung by fire ants, and being set on fire. I look a little like I've been wearing Chinese flip flops on my nips, where the tape used to be. HT First Year. Not good. Say it with me..

I thought the inflammation would die down overnight. But it hasn't. That's not good.. right?

On the bright side...I only went to the chiropractor once last week. But this whole glue reaction super sucks. Maybe I should just be glad this is happening now, and not when I'm out of town. Now I must run my nips to the drug store.


  1. So...itchy nips huh?! I think you're just trying to up your site hits. Just kidding. Anyway, I'm sure that you're not allowed to put anything *on* them right? If you are, you should try the stuff they gave me while I was nursing.
    Other than that, I have nothing but my utmost sympathy to offer.

  2. "I think you're just trying to up your site hits."

    You really could think that.. couldn't ya. But we know pictures are really the way to go for that.

    Things are at least tolerable today. Last night I was sure I'd have to see the doctor.

    Interesting side note - cortisone on one side.. gold bond on the other. No noticeable difference.

    Cautionary tale - if you see someone at the checkout who has nothing but itch cream in their handcart, you are taking your life into your hands if you decide to be a slow-poke.