Monday, October 08, 2007

Know your target market.

"It would be quite a savings if you chose to stay with me. You know me, I'm always looking to save without losing quality. Besides it would do me good to discover what's missing in the "guest" bedroom-bath accommodations that I present to folks".

My mother-in-law in doing the gentle dance of trying to get us to stay at her house while we are in bitchopalooza instead of staying in a hotel. Above is an excerpt from an email my husband got from her. Which is pretty funny.

Notice how she is trying to appeal to our logical side? I feel a little like I'm being product targeted.

I thought she would do the guilt thing. But, I have to give her a lot of credit. She is trying a new approach.. and it's at least entertaining.


  1. I think that Sarge's parents would disown him if he ever even though about staying in a hotel when visiting them. Even though we get out into a room with the most uncomfortable bed known to man, no closet, the closet with the furnace, and no drawers. You at least get a "guest bathroom!!"
    Sarge uses his passive aggressive retaliation by throwing his clothes all around the room. So not much of a change from home really.

  2. "You at least get a "guest bathroom!!"

    I think she might be over-inflating the accommodations there. I'm pretty sure that is just "the bathroom". Sort of like a 3 star hotel trying to convince you its a 4 star.

    If it makes you feel any better - one of the beds she offered to let us use is from someone who's been dead at least 15 years. Now if that doesn't creep you out.