Thursday, October 11, 2007


Did I ever mention what an insomniac I am? I am.

I can usually operate fairly well on about 4 days without sleep, but the 5th day puts me over the edge. The 5th day is when I start evaluating whether its safe for me to drive. I try to limit my contact with people. Simple tasks seem to take three times the effort. It is generally a very rough day.

Okay.. so on top of my sleep deprivation, my espresso maker has started to have problems.

I don't drink espresso because of some snooty coffee aficionado bullshit. I drink espresso because its the only way I can get enough caffeine in my body to become a normal human being. You see what I just wrote about my sleep deprivation. Right? You have to grasp how much coffee it takes for someone who routinely misses that much sleep needs to operate. It's a lot.

Don't even get me on a rant about how the machine is only 6 months old, and I paid a crazy amount of money to have a machine giving me such hassles only 6 months into owning it. Pisses me off. But I digress.

Normally, this would be a fairly routine event at the Che Snarkolepsy household. I kind of go into these cycles. But...remember I'm going on a trip. Soon.

Then, Mr S. shares with me this tidbit. The nearest Starbucks is 20 miles from his mothers house. It's like the dark ages. I can't go 3 miles without running into a Starbucks. I mean.. hasn't the chain colonised every town in America yet?

At any rate, I'm hoping my sleep cycle switches soon. Because it would really suck to be this sleep deprived and have do the whole family thing and have to listen to that dreaded story they love to tell me. Makes me shiver.


  1. My fiend, get ye to the Asian Super Mega Mart and stock up on this stuff.
    I have this stuff stashed all over the place just in case I need a cuppa. Just add to hot water.

  2. Eeek! Look at you. But I think I'll need something stronger than that. Maybe I can just swallow some beans. Thanks though!

  3. It's actually kind of strong. Just double the dose in your cup. Or get some chocolate covered espresso beans. Yum.

  4. Nu-uh! Really? I trust you... but I wouldn't have guessed that with suger being the second ingredient. But - you have a really good track record of giving the best advise.

    If it's that strong that would be perfect, because I'm trying to hide how completely non-functional I am without caffine from the MIL.

    Even Mr S. knows to just shove coffee in my face first thing in the morning. Then everything is rainbows and butterflies... until then.. everything is just a glare. Sort of creepy.

  5. Hm...maybe it's the sugar that's giving me the jolt. Either way it's tasty. My no-coffee issues don't start first thing in the morning, usually if I don't get my coffee I'm good till about 11, and then I start to crash. Ow.