Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm in a surly mood.

It's going be a cold day in hell before I buy another Chrysler product.

I try to be reasonable Readers. I really do. It seems there is no end to companies that try my patience. This week it is Chrysler.

Remember when I told you I took my car into the Chrysler dealership Wednesday of last week? Here.

Well, I still don't have my car. It was suppose to be ready yesterday. But when Mr S. called to see if the car was ready, the dealership would never call us back. As a matter of a fact, you can't get anyone in the service department on the phone. It goes directly to voice mail. Feeling that Mr S. had been nice long enough, I called this morning to talk to a manager. Because - I'm pissed. I've never had any shop keep my car for 6 days for minor repairs. Have you?

Finally, the service manager calls me back. He proceeds to tell me that parts for the satellite components are sitting on his desk. I'm sure in attempt to placate me, but only succeeds in pissing me off more. I wanted to yank the car today.

When I tell him I've never had a shop keep my car for parts that didn't affect the car being driven. He tries to give me an excuse then mutters under his breath "yeah.. I guess you could have still driven the car". Um.. duh~!

Even though he tells me the car will be ready by the end of the day, I still want to yell at the guy. I do. 6 days People! Remember, the car only needed a tune-up and parts ordered for the satellite systems. Which contrary to popular belief, I can still find my way around without a satellite navigation system.

Then the guy starts trying to tell me he thought Mr S. was okay with the car being left there while the parts came in. Which only pisses me off more. Who on fucking earth says they don't need their car for a week if the motor isn't blown. Honestly. Who?

Not to mention I blogged about being pissed at the dealership on Friday. The guy was claiming their 6 hour strike was causing a delay in getting the parts and I would need to bring the car back. See.. its right here in this entry.

I'd be less pissed if they had mentioned they were keeping my car for a week when I dropped it off. But they didn't. Or if they answered the phone in the service department. Ever. Or returned any calls.

This is the thing. I'm not happy so many things have gone wrong with my car, but what makes it more frustrating is trying to get the dealerships to fix the car. You'd think a car company that was loosing so much money, might attempt to provide better customer support. But they don't. They actually provide consistently bad service.

Update: As I was getting ready to post this message I got a call from the dealership. They have put my new navsat in, but they tell me the navsat disk is damaged. I don't know how something that is read by lasers, and has never been taken out of the drive can be damaged - but it apparently is going to cost me a few hundred bucks to get a new disk. I also have a transmission leak. On a car that has 15,000 miles on it.

I guess I get to add this stuff to the ever growing list of problems with this car. Not happy.


  1. Having worked for a garage once, I can tell you that you get ripped off everytime you go to the dealer. Half the repairs they suggest aren't even needed and the other half, they require you to work with them in order for the warranty to cover it. My advice, don't ever buy a new car, it depreciates too much the minute you drive it and you lock yourself into their mechanic. You are much better off getting a used car and finding a local mechanic who can give it a little love. Finding a good mechanic isn't easy to begin with, but can be a valuable asset once you can find someone you can trust. Once the dealership has you trapped, they have little incentive to deal with complaints like this. If you really want to get their attention, start submitting your blog post to all of the autoblogs and it won't take them long before they'll want to quiet you.

  2. "Having worked for a garage once,"

    This is why I love my readers. You guys are always surprising me with stuff from your history.

    "My advice, don't ever buy a new car"

    I bought a new car so I wouldn't have to get repairs done for a few years.

    I think I just feel really bitter because I bought a much less expensive car from Pontiac 2 months before I bought the Chrysler, and I haven't had anything like the problems I've had with the Chrysler. A hugely different consumer experience. Pontiac actually seems to want to keep their customers.

    Which is odd because I've had problems with GM.. but for some reason the Pontiac side seems to treat their customers much better.

    If they sold an attractive sedan, the Chrysler would be gone tomorrow. I will never buy a car from them again. New or used.