Sunday, September 23, 2007

The rainy weekend.

Dear Readers, we finally got some rain this weekend. Which at first made me so excited. At first.

What spoiled the whole thing is that I had an add-on project. This is a project that is unplanned, but is spawned from another project. Normally these project are a higher priority because you can't complete the original project until the add-on project gets completed. These types of projects start me out in a surly mood, because they are always unexpected.

Normally I would have chosen to just be lazy and enjoy the rain. Play some Bioshock or take a nap. But you can see, that wasn't an option.

Apparently, it wasn't an option for any other person in my city either. They all wanted to be in exactly the same places I wanted to be. And all of those places were packed. It was like people said "oh shit, the sky is bleeding - I must go shopping or out to eat". The summer has been so oppressive after all.

And speaking of going out to eat. Most of the patrons had children. Tiny babies, and children under 5. I'm not being over sensitive here. The restaurant we went to literally had almost 15 newborns, and at least that many toddlers. I've seen less children at Chuck-E-Cheese. It was like the rain had caused baby spores to hatch like mold.

By the time we left we were relaxed by jet noise, and sirens. The whole thing kind of threw off my whole day though. All those babies crying creates static in my head for a little while.

Honestly, all the places we went were pretty annoying. It wasn't enough they were all twice as crowded as normal, but people all had turned to zombies.

You see, when it rains in California, people loose their minds. They are completely unable to function. They sort of stand around paralyzed with blank looks in their eyes. Sort of like lost children. It's sad really. Well, it might be sad if it didn't make me want to club them so they will get out of my way.

Anyway.. we did wind up completing the project - but dealing with the extra people added a huge chunk of time and frustration to everything.

I must make a mental note. Next time it rains, I must give into the urge to not do anything.


  1. I'm not sure why the rain makes California's so dumb, but I can attest to this. They are especially bad drivers. If it rains at all, they completely freak out. When I was in Seattle, they'd drive faster when it rained. I think you should have stayed inside and played Bioshock, while you still have permission to use the console. I doubt that Mr. Snarkolepsy will be lining up with the kids tonight, but I'd be surprised, if he doesn't have his hands on Halo by the end of the week.

  2. "I think you should have stayed inside and played Bioshock, while you still have permission to use the console."

    Ha! Don't say that - don't say that!

    I told Mr S. I was going to hide Halo from him so I'd have the console all to myself. But he's working from home today, and I know it's just because he thinks Amazon shipped it to him for delivery today.

    Halo better be out of this world, because Bioshock is an amazing game. Level after level of amazing imagery. Huge audio library. It has even made me swear off my PS3 allegiance. For now.

  3. I'm still having fun with John Madden on the Wii, but have been keeping my eyes open for a good game for the Xbox. I had originally hoped that GTA would be out by now, but they delayed it. Halo does look sweet, but that FPS view is just too much for my weak equilibrium. Did you see the story on Digg where the author admited to vomiting about three hours into playing it? Maybe if you are lucky, Mr. S won't be able to play for more then 20 minutes without having to take a break.