Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is why America is so great.

Since Mr S. is home today waiting for Halo, we decided to go out and get some Subway Wraps for lunch. Hold on.. the story gets better.

We pull into the Subway parking lot and park right next to this Mercedes. I'm not a big Mercedes fan, but we both sort of liked the design of this one. Plus, it looked like it had a modification package that was kind of interesting. So we walked around the car admiring it for a minute. Then walked in to get our wraps.

Mr S. and I were debating how much a car like that might cost. Mr S. guessed about 100 grand.

There was an older woman waiting on us. She later told us she was 50. She was about halfway done making our wraps when she asked us if we liked her car. Mr S. and I looked at each other, then out to the parking lot at the Mercedes. I wasn't completely sure we were all talking about the same car - so we asked her if the Mercedes was hers. She confirmed it was. She'd been watching us admire it.

Both of us were instantaneously shocked. First of all, the car obviously had a high performance upgrade. Something more geared for a young male. And two - you've all been into a Subway right? You ever think anyone working there could afford to buy a 100,000 dollar car?

At any rate.. we were very curious. And she was perfectly willing to talk.I personally get a huge kick out people surprising me like that. So, I was willing to listen.

This is what she told us:

She had been working at Jack in the Box for 25 years, at 11 bucks an hour. Sometimes she and her husband worked 2 or 3 jobs. Yet had managed to raise 4 children. She still worked over at the Jack in the Box one day a week, and everyone thought she owned the store because the car she drove was so expensive. But she didn't. Over the years she did manage to acquire 3 subway chains. Mind you, this woman was obviously a first generation immigrant.

Since she was so open, I did ask her how much she paid for the car. She said she bought it used for around $70,000 with the upgrade package included. But still. New, the car would have cost 100 grand. Just as Mr S. predicted.

How great is it that someone working at fast food restaurants their whole lives can buy a car like that?

I'm not sure I believe the whole story. But it makes me feel good to think it could be possible.


  1. There's a commercial like that right? I think it's for a bank or an investment consulting firm.

  2. Hey... that's super funny. I think you are right.

    Now it feels all cliche! Ah well, it was inspiring while it lasted.

  3. Well, it in no way invalidates what an awesome story that lady told you.
    It's inspiring that stuff like that does not only happen on tv.