Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cal Fire Rocks.

Okay... so, I overdid it yesterday. Now I'm going to have to go back in "quit fucking around mode".

Apparently, I fuck around too much. With the projects, outings, cooking delicious chili, and trying to be a photog, my body wasn't so happy about that. It decided to give me a heaping helping of swell the fuck up. Just to prove who's boss.

But, let me leave you with this.

On the way back from Fry's - Mr S. and I saw smoke from what looked like a tiny grass fire. Not that unusual this time of year. Normally by the time you chase the fire down, Cal Fire has gotten it down to embers. So we didn't think much about it. But, when we got back to the house we could still see the smoke from the deck.

This is what it looked like around 3:00 yesterday.

Periodically I would go check on its progress. Instead of it getting smaller, it was getting much bigger. The smoke was really starting to be pronounced. And you could clearly see a smoke plume, rather than wispy smoke on the mountain.

The fire was just chewing up the mountain. Within the space of 5 minutes, you could see a little smoke mushroom begin, and then basically explode into a mushroom cloud. I couldn't believe how fast it was traveling.

Then, right at sunset. Calfire squashed it.

Those guys are amazing. Honestly. It amazes me how good they are at their jobs, and how quickly they can get something so menacing to settle down. I totally respect those guys.

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